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Vtuber Model Half Body RIBBON SUIT KIDS


Vtuber Model Half Body RIBBON SUIT KIDS

Vtuber Model Prefabricated, ready to use!

The model is made to be used in Vtube Studio,


❥ Terms of service:

♡ You may not resell or giveaway.

♡ We clarify that the commercial use is to earn money through streams or videos but not by selling the model itself or merchandise from it.

♡ Reselling includes the design, or anything based on the design on my model as a Vtuber, or art for Vtubers.

♡ No refunds.

♡ You can use this for streaming, YouTube, Twitch, Kick, etc.

♡ Getting a commission based on the model is totally fine though (banner art, model art, etc. You just can’t sell it off to more people)

♡ Reminder that this model is not for exclusive use and can be purchased

by anyone.

♡ It does not come with the pds file or the rigging file. You can’t edit the rigging or use it for practice, its design cannot be changed either. You can use it in vtube studio or similar programs (the model comes only configured for vtube studio, I cannot help set it up if you decide to use another program).

♡ I am not responsible for figuring out your Vtube Studio settings, that is your responsibility.

♡ Remember that the quality of the camera, the use of glasses or piercings and the light of the place can affect the use of the model.

♡ You can give the model any name you like.

♡ Credit should be given to the artist and rigger.

♡ If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!



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